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Jake Dye

Hitbox Review: The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe - What is a sequel, if not Stanley persevering?

Entertainment Headlines for May 2022: Sorcerers, science fiction, the 1980s

Hitbox Review: Norco - A surrealist slice of life in the South

Pandemic graduates return to UAA for a reunion commencement.

Students graduating from UAA have one year to unshackle themselves from their student email accounts

UAA’s center for human development recognizes Brain Injury Awareness Month, educates about risks and indicators

Entertainment Headlines and Highlights for April 2022: Spring into the theater

Hitbox Review: Destiny 2: The Witch Queen - Nine years in, Destiny is better than ever

Entertainment Headlines and Highlights for March 2022: Superheroes, romance novelists and teenage girls

Hitbox Review: Nobody Saves the World - Be anything you want to be

Stick the landing: UAA Gymnastics moves closer to full reinstatement and returns to competition in Anchorage after two tumultuous years

UA President Pitney hosts town hall, discusses budget, COVID-19 and a goal of stability

Entertainment Headlines for February 2022: The one with all the games

Hitbox Review: Halo Infinite - The Chief Awakens

Anyone can claim four free at-home COVID-19 testing kits from the government right now

COVID Update: Omicron in Anchorage and at UAA

The Glee Club at UAA Fall Concert was a fun and funny way to spend an evening

Hitbox Review: Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Scions: Endgame

Entertainment Headlines and Highlights for January 2022

Entertainment Headlines and Highlights for December 2021