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Jake Dye

UAA Hockey returns to the ice with a new team and a new focus on community

Election Day debuts ranked choice voting and open primary systems

UAA Volleyball starts season with a string of victories in Hawaii

Hitbox Impressions: Cult of the Lamb

Entertainment Headlines for August 2022 - A train, a cult and a Hulk in the courtroom

Hitbox Review: Stray - They had me at "meow button"

Entertainment Headlines for July 2022: Something for everyone; minions, gods of thunder, a rom-com and a horror film

Hitbox Review: Citizen Sleeper - An engrossing examination of humanity and capitalism in a dystopian cyberpunk future

After 2 years and nearly a million dollars, UAA Women’s Gymnastics has earned permanent reinstatement

Hitbox Review: The Quarry - A horror experience that finally makes it “Until Dawn” again

Hitbox Review: Elden Ring - Souls’ expertly crafted, relentlessly punishing combat is better in an open-world

Anchorage Celebrates Pride Month 2022

In the streaming wars, we are the only winners

Entertainment Headlines for June 2022: Summer is for tentpole releases

Hitbox Review: Kirby and the Forgotten Land - An unforgettable adventure

Hitbox Review: The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe - What is a sequel, if not Stanley persevering?

Entertainment Headlines for May 2022: Sorcerers, science fiction, the 1980s

Hitbox Review: Norco - A surrealist slice of life in the South

Pandemic graduates return to UAA for a reunion commencement.

Students graduating from UAA have one year to unshackle themselves from their student email accounts

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