Students graduating from UAA have one year to unshackle themselves from their student email accounts

Graduates probably have a lot on their minds as they move on from the University of Alaska Anchorage. A question they might not be thinking about is the imminent loss of their student email accounts. 

UAA IT Services confirmed in an email that graduated student email accounts are scheduled for shutdown one year after the last day of instruction. This shutdown can be avoided by applying for an alumni extension, which will keep the account open for an additional 90 years. 

The shutdown of students’ email accounts isn’t an issue of paying more for Spotify, it is an issue of becoming unable to cancel a Netflix subscription, of being unable to log in and pay the power bill. 

We live in a digital world, where everything has an account associated with it, and those accounts are usually tied to email addresses. Students who have been attaching services to their accounts might find themselves in a spot of trouble. Losing access to streaming services is catastrophic enough, but some students might have even more important services connected to an email address not long for this world, like utilities. 

Another concern for some students may be the loss of work and files stored in the Google Drive account associated with their student email. These files will become wholly inaccessible after the account is shut down, so students interested in keeping old work are on the clock to backup those files. 

As students step away from the university and into the rest of their lives, they ought to take a moment and prepare for the future of their Disney+ account too.

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