The Glee Club at UAA Fall Concert was a fun and funny way to spend an evening

Hitbox Review: Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Scions: Endgame

Entertainment Headlines and Highlights for January 2022

Entertainment Headlines and Highlights for December 2021

Hitbox Review: The Forgotten City - Ethics in my video game? It’s more likely than you think

Disney announces and updates a slew of projects on Disney+ Day

Hitbox Review: Unpacking - Moving can be fun without the heavy lifting

Media Headlines and Highlights in November 2021

Facebook renames company to Meta, is the latest to announce a focus on developing the metaverse

Hitbox Review: House of Ashes - Light at the end of the creepy underground temple

Hitbox Review: Inscryption - More than just a game of cards

UAA Open Mic Night becomes an impromptu discussion on race and heritage during Filipino American History Month

Hitbox Review: Metroid Dread - Return of the Queen

UAA’s Department of Theatre and Dance gets spooky this year with a haunted house

Hitbox Toem - A blurry photo

Anchorage Symphony’s (Re)Opening Night

Hitbox Review: Life is Strange: True Colors - Turns out, Life is still Strange

UAA at the Movies seeks to provide context and companionship at the cinema

Hitbox Review: Lake - Delivering chill vibes

The Hugh McPeck Gallery reopens with The Journey

After being closed for much of 2020 and 2021, the Hugh McPeck Gallery has reopened.
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