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Daisy Carter

COVID-19 Updates: How Alaska has the best rollout plan in the United States

The first doses of the Pfizer vaccine arrived in mid-December, now more and more people are getting vaccinated.

Movie Analysis: Promising Young Woman

This film is an in depth look at what happens when victims of sexual assault or rape don’t get taken seriously.

Alaska Public Health Response Team Helps Combat COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

From the cure being sun rays to the pandemic not even being real, it's been difficult to combat this misinformation.

Movie Analysis: Legally Blond (2001)

TV Show Analysis: The Umbrella Academy (2019)

Movie Analysis: Goodfellas (1990)

The US Education System

Movie Analysis: 13th

The 2016 documentary “13th” is a Netflix special film about how the United States prisons system is deeply rooted in oppression.

The Blacksheep Initiative and what UAA is doing for Black History month

Former students have come forward to talk about the discrimination they have faced while going to various Christian schools in Anchorage.