An update on the UAA sports situation

Last year three of UAA's sports teams were considered for elimination due to budget cuts. Luckily we will still be cheering them on in the upcoming semesters. Photo coutresy of UAA

Last year was pretty quiet for UAA sports, owing mostly to the pandemic. Three of UAA’s teams were being considered for elimination, pending fundraising efforts. Fortunately, all three teams have been reinstated, and this year should feature a big return for many of UAA’s sports. 


Competition for the UAA volleyball team began in Honolulu on Aug. 27. The team played their first home games of the season during the Seawolf Invitational held at the Alaska Airlines Center on Sep. 2-4. The team has also competed in Fairbanks for the Nanook Classic. Volleyball will return to the Alaska Airlines Center Sep. 23 and 25 for home games against Montana State and Seattle Pacific. Tickets can be purchased online, social distancing and masking will be required at the event. There will be further home games in October and November before the season ends in December. 

Cross Country

The cross country running teams have been actively competing for the last few weeks, first in Fairbanks at the end of August, then at a home event, the Seawolf Throwdown on Sep. 4. Both events were between only UAA and UAF, and at both events, the men claimed first place. The cross country teams aren’t scheduled for any more home events. The remainder of the season consists of two events in Washington this October, followed by NCAA championship events in November. 


Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams will be competing this semester. The men’s schedule hasn’t been made available at the time of writing, but the women’s team will kick off their season in November, with their first home games of the year taking place at the Alaska Airlines Center for the Seawolf Hoops Classic. The women’s team will play thirteen home games this year, and the schedule is available at


One of the teams at risk for elimination, UAA skiing was the first to clear their fundraising requirements and earn reinstatement in January. The UAA ski team was also able to play almost their entire 2020-2021 season at the start of this year. UAA skiing will be back for the 2021-2022 season, kicking off in Fairbanks on Dec. 3. Unfortunately, the team is not scheduled to compete in Anchorage at all this year. The team’s schedule can be found at


The UAA gymnastics team was among those at risk of elimination. The team successfully raised funds for reinstatement this year, but still needs to raise more for next year’s final deadline. The last update provided by head coach Marie-Sophie Boggasch indicated that the team needed to raise an additional $323,000 by Jun. 2022.

 The team began practicing for the 2021-2022 season in September, though their schedule hasn’t yet been made available.

Track and Field

There actually aren’t any current updates about Track and Field. The team and coaches are currently busy with cross country. The team was able to complete their 2020-2021 season earlier this year, so it stands to reason that the team will be back competing next spring. 


UAA’s hockey team was also up for elimination, facing the steepest total fundraising requirement of three million dollars. In August the hockey team managed to surpass its fundraising goal, but the team will not compete this year. Currently, the hockey team does not have a head coach, with previous head coach Matt Curley resigning in June. The team also does not currently have an active roster. 

UAA hockey will hit the ice again next year, competing in the 2022-2023 season.