Media headlines and highlights in July 2021

July is a very slow month for the video game industry following E3, but movies and television are really doing work as summer rolls onward. 

Media Headlines and Highlights in August 2021

After a year of pandemic, Campus Kickoff 2021 hopes to offer a triumphant return to UAA

The University of Alaska Anchorage Campus Kickoff will be held from 1-4 pm on Saturday, Aug. 21.

Art Exhibit Review: Black Lives In Alaska: Journey, Justice, Joy

Hitbox Review: Chicory: A Colorful Tale - A lot more than a coloring book

Xbox Game Pass is the Future - Jake Dye

Anchorage Date Ideas

Hitbox Review: Knockout City - Not one wrench to be found

UAA Celebrates Pride Month 2021

Hitbox Impressions: Mass Effect Legendary Edition - Still my favorite game on the citadel

Media headlines and highlights in June 2021

Hitbox Review: Resident Evil Village - Could have used more vampires

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series may remain scarce until 2022

Hitbox Review: Before Your Eyes - Blinking away the tears

What’s worth a watch or a play in May 2021?

Hitbox Review: Narita Boy - TRON 3 when?

Hitbox Review: Outriders - Unlimited power

Godzilla vs. Kong success suggests audiences may be ready to return to theaters

Hitbox Review: Monster Hunter Rise - A steep climb

Art from UAA students is featured online in the 2021 juried student art show

While pandemic regulations continue to prohibit in-person art shows, the Hugh McPeck Gallery has exhibited art in several virtual exhibits.