UAA Student Health and Counseling Center provides treatment for UAA students

Affordable medical, mental, and preventative wellness care

Student Health and Counseling Center reaches out to students in many ways including bulletin boards. Photo by Kaycee Davis.

You may have passed it while walking on the way to class, The Student Health and Counseling Center — located on the first floor of Rasmuson Hall — is an affordable venue for UAA students needing primary health care and mental health services, including a sports or wellness exam, vaccinations, bloodwork, or  sessions with a mental health counselor or practitioner.

TNL spoke to SHCC office and fiscal manager Michele Bach, who shared that the center now operates on an appointment only basis, adding that they can take same day appointments for medical and mental health issues depending on the urgency. 

The student health and counseling center includes a medical doctor on staff, advanced nurse practitioners, licensed professional counselors and psychiatric nurse practitioners. 

UAA students “taking at least one credit,” Bach said, are able to get the full benefits, as well as a student who is at UAA from another UA campus, though the fees may be different. Professionals at the SHCC also make referrals to providers within the community.

Bach said that keeping costs down is important to students, and has a convenient price list of the most used procedures at their website. A student can always call for a quote. The providers see eligible students for all primary health care and mental health care needs with no charge for the office visit. Remember students under the age of 18 need to have a parent or guardian sign a consent-to-treat form prior to treatment in most cases, so when making an appointment the health center will discuss this.

SHCC bills some insurance providers, and it is best to call ahead to inquire. It is not mandatory that a student carries insurance, so charging their student account, or paying out of pocket is always an option if there are charges during the visit.

Another alternative to pay for charges incurred from a visit with the health center would be through available financial aid. Financial aid generally pays for standard services — academics and housing — a student could complete a Title IV waiver allowing their money to pay for medical fees as well. The health center will provide the form at the time of visit for interested students.

SHCC does more than take care of student’s mental and physical health – they also have health promotion and wellness under their umbrella. They operate The Bystander Intervention program offered by peer health educators, supply emergency food bags to students in need through donated funds called The UAA Food Insecurity program, and work with the Alcohol, Drug, and Wellness Education Program to support student wellness on campus.

They will be presenting a health fair in Rasmuson Hall on Nov 3. Bach said that the health fair is only in the fall semester and will not be held again in the spring.  It will be a well attended event with many health related information booths ready to interact. Look for event advertisements coming soon on the Seawolf Bulletin.

To learn more about the SHCC, visit their website at

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