Skinny Raven Winter Fashion Show

Skinny Raven staff members model a variety of athletic brands

Moon Boots featured at Skinny Raven fashion show. Photo by Carlee Christensen.

The Skinny Raven Winter Fashion Show was the place to be on Nov. 12. It was a high-energy and creative event that had something for everyone. There were refreshments, new branded tumblers, raffle prizes, and clothing styles for you and your family — including the dog.

They brought back the fashion show after not having it for a few years between business changes and Covid.

“Our owner and creative director Tasha had a really fun idea to bring this back to highlight fashion, to highlight ways to accessorize and layer pieces together and have some fun with it. It’s an opportunity to show off products and bring our community into one place to have fun,” said Aimee Chauvot, the general manager.

People crowded inside their downtown location running store, which was transformed into a fashion show event complete with an elaborate runway.

On the runway, their staff members modeled brand favorites from the community and staff, such as Patagonia, Vuori, and Brooks. Mixed in with these well-known brands were newer brands that we might not see as often,including Marine Layer, On Running, and Janji. Chauvot said that these brands are fun and stylish while still being practical in Alaska.

“It’s a little tricky buying apparel in the state of Alaska because we have such a short sales season a lot of the time. So what we try to do is bring in good sizes but we have to be mindful of not having a ton.” 

Chauvot said some of their hottest items like Skhoop and Moon Boots will sell out fast. 

“If you think you want a pair, come in now.”

Coming up next from Skinny Raven will be their Thanksgiving Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day, the biggest 5K running day in the country. If you buy apparel from the fashion show, this may be the perfect place to sport it.

Along with being a great event, it has a great purpose behind it.

“We encourage people to raise money for the Food Bank of Alaska and we match donations to that to help support our neighbors that might be experiencing hunger or other food insecurities. So, it’s a really fun one and also very special for us,” said Chauvot.

This year is expected to be  the biggest Turkey Trot Skinny Raven has ever had. With luck, it will have a big impact on our community as well.