DaVine Music Studio celebrates their grand opening with a jam session

Musicians join together to celebrate the opening of DaVine Music Studio with a jam session. Photo by Carlee Rizzo.

DaVine Music Studio opened a rehearsal space on Oct. 15, and, to introduce it to the community, they hosted a jam session. Musicians from all around Anchorage came together to do what they love. It was a night that saw a celebration of music.

The Texas style jam session where musicians could jump in and add their talent to the vibe was a collaborative musical experience.

The space is two rooms: a dance floor with mirrors lining the wall and a soundproofed room to play your instruments. It is located at 100 Muldoon Road, suite 125.

If you are a musician in the area, you may have noticed how difficult it is to find a space to rehearse and not break your pocket in the process. Especially if you play drums like Sarah Felder, one of the owners of DaVine Music Studio.

“I realized it was very hard to find space for myself to practice personally… When I found this place I was really just looking for myself and my band to practice.”

It started out with the struggles that musicians face of finding a space to develop their talents. Felder made it into so much more alongside her business partners.

“We really want it to be a music hub also because we’ve noticed that a lot of the different sections of the music community like jazz stays in one cliche, the R&B soul stays in another, the rock people are over here, reggae is over here.”

This space is being designed as a place for all musicians, whether jazz,rock or something else. Felder says that the hope is to come together and build a whole music scene here in Anchorage.

This inclusivity is being promoted by DaVine Music Studio by hosting an open mic every Thursday night.

“I don’t think there’s a lot of that going on either where the music community can really grow and build and you know, come together on a regular basis so I would love for that to happen here every Thursday from 9pm to 12am.”

DaVine Music Studio is offering a space for creatives whether you need a place to rehearse or you just want to come together with other musicians.

Other opportunities such as promotion or entertainment management are available through DaVine Music Studio.

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