Art from UAA students is featured online in the 2021 juried student art show

The annual Juried Student Art Show is hosted by the Hugh McPeck Gallery and highlights art by students of all majors at UAA. Photo Courtesy Hugh McPeck Gallery.

While pandemic regulations continue to prohibit in-person art shows, the Hugh McPeck Gallery has exhibited art online in several virtual exhibitions during the pandemic. The 2021 Juried Student Art Show, available to view right now either in a virtual gallery or in a webpage gallery, is the latest annual exhibition to be held online.

The Juried Student Art Show is an annual event highlighting art from around UAA. Any student can submit their work, even those who are not in the arts programs. Thirty-two UAA students have their art featured in the show. Submitted pieces are judged by a guest juror, and winners receive cash prizes from a pool of $2000.

This year’s guest juror is artist and curator Melissa Shaginoff. Shaginoff is a UAA alumnus, and her work has been featured throughout Alaska, as well as around the globe. Currently, Shaginoff works as a curator for Alaska Pacific University.

Because the Juried Student Art Show does not have a theme, the pieces featured run a wide variety of formats. Featured in the show are paintings, sculptures, photographs, ceramics and stained glass.

Like the Hugh McPeck Gallery's previous virtual exhibitions, the Juried Student Art Show is hosted in Artsteps, allowing viewers to use their mouse and keyboard to walk around a 3D space. Photo Courtesy Artsteps.

As with previous virtual exhibitions, the Juried Student Art Show is hosted in Artsteps, an online platform that allows the Hugh McPeck Gallery to design a three-dimensional space in which viewers can move around using their mouse and keyboard. Clicking on each piece in the exhibit brings up a description of the piece, including the artist’s name. New to this exhibition is the webpage gallery, which allows visitors to simply view all of the pieces in a list format.

The Juried Student Art Show, as well as all other virtual exhibitions, can be viewed on the Hugh McPeck Gallery’s Artsteps profile. Information on future exhibitions can be found on the Hugh McPeck Gallery’s Facebook page.