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Entertainment Headlines and Highlights for April 2022: Spring into the theater

Entertainment Headlines and Highlights for March 2022: Superheroes, romance novelists and teenage girls

Movie Review: Uncharted - Chart-topper

Entertainment Headlines for February 2022: The one with all the games

UAA at the Movies seeks to provide context and companionship at the cinema

Media Headlines and Highlights in September 2021

There is a mountain of premiering television this month, more than enough to provide something for everybody.

Movies are back, but the Delta Variant threatens to cause another wave of delays

In 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world, the film industry was among the hardest hit.

Media headlines and highlights in July 2021

July is a very slow month for the video game industry following E3, but movies and television are really doing work as summer rolls onward. 

Media Headlines and Highlights in August 2021

Media headlines and highlights in June 2021

What’s worth a watch or a play in May 2021?

Godzilla vs. Kong success suggests audiences may be ready to return to theaters

Media Consumption Guide: April 2021

April, like most months during the pandemic, is relatively light on noteworthy media releases.

Paramount+ : A (Not Entirely) new challenger approaches the streaming wars

Every big corporation with a closet full of intellectual property wants a service all of their own to bring in a big monthly paycheck.

Movie Analysis: Legally Blond (2001)

Movie Analysis: Goodfellas (1990)