UCreate Media Camp: Noah McDougall

UCreate Media Camp is a summer camp put on by UAA’s department of Journalism and Public Communications in collaboration with Alaska Teen Media Institute. From June 5 to June 9, campers learn about audio, video and image production in addition to story telling and graphic design. The camp is being hosted by the College of Arts and Sciences at UAA.

UAA’s student newspaper, The Northern Light, is assisting in running the camp and hosting projects that campers make. You can see what the campers have come up with here.


Noah McDougall

An autobiography into the mind of a genius (Not self proclaimed)


Steinberg Studios, My House— CEO/Director/Founder


I do a lot of things at Steinberg Studios. I have been there since it was founded.


Mirror Lake Middle School, Chugiak, AK — 6th Grade

2021 - 2022

I got a degree in 6th grade from Mirror Lake Middle School in 2022 - 2023. This was a fun and exhausting year. Still I passed

Mirror Lake Middle School, Chugiak, AK — 7th Grade

 2022 -  2023

I received a degree in 7th Grade from Mirror Lake Middle School in 2022 - 2023. This was also an exhausting but fun year.


Steinberg A Horror

From the twisted mind of Noah McDougall, a movie, that will exploit your greatest fears. (Expected release date: October 2023)

College Calamity — A Horror

A film that will scare you worse than student loans. (Expected release date: Friday)


Class Clown - Preschool

Class Clown - 5th Grade

Drawing Competition - 2nd Grade


● Making Movies

● Watching Movies

● Reviewing Movies

● Professional Funny Man


English, Swedish Chef

UCreate Showcase Project

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