UCreate Media Camp: Markus Osterkamp

UCreate Media Camp is a summer camp put on by UAA’s department of Journalism and Public Communications in collaboration with Alaska Teen Media Institute. From June 5 to June 9, campers learn about audio, video and image production in addition to story telling and graphic design. The camp is being hosted by the College of Arts and Sciences at UAA.

UAA’s student newspaper, The Northern Light, is assisting in running the camp and hosting projects that campers make. You can see what the campers have come up with here.


Markus Osterkamp is really interested in history. He read a lot of books and his experiences and points of view have been influenced by many books such as Maus, a book about World War Two and the Holocaust. He likes to learn about wars and history. Markus lives in Anchorage Alaska with his parents and two cats.

UCreate Showcase Project

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