UCreate Media Camp: Alexé Gillespie

UCreate Media Camp is a summer camp put on by UAA’s department of Journalism and Public Communications in collaboration with Alaska Teen Media Institute. From June 5 to June 9, campers learn about audio, video and image production in addition to story telling and graphic design. The camp is being hosted by the College of Arts and Sciences at UAA.

UAA’s student newspaper, The Northern Light, is assisting in running the camp and hosting projects that campers make. You can see what the campers have come up with here.


Hello. My name is Alexé. I love solving Rubik’s cubes on time (commonly known as speed cubing) and solving wooden puzzles like the anaconda and other challenging puzzles. I also like gaming and coding games that are *almost* impossible to do (mainly platformers on scratch). I also like Python. One of the things have been doing since I was a little kid was racing marbles down tracks that are twisty and dangerous (as in the marbles can fall of easily) and I eventually figured out more of the science parts, like the size, the track, and the speed and the amount of cracks the marble has. The material is also a factor. I like to keep things fair when I play with them, so often I make an automatic starting gate instead of a manual so things are as little biased as possible.

Another one of the things I love is MATH!!!!!! Proof: pi=3.141592653589793238462643383502… (that was actually all of the numbers of pi I memorized not copy and pasted). Right now I am doing 10th grade math (Algebra II) and am impressing most people I meet. The problem with being a math genius is people often believe I am cheating or I’m bragging but I’m just trying to say that I’m am actually good at something. I have always been smart at math but I got to say, I’m really bad at English and language arts. I have always been a thinker, from when it comes to marble racing tracks, to calculating the angle from which I should hit the gaga ball to get someone out, to even when I accidentally keep myself from sleep and my brain starts going nuts.

UCreate Showcase Project

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