The ‘trashion show’ is about more than just fashion

Contestants of the trashion show line up on the stage. Photo by Carlee Rizzo.

The Family, UAA’s LGBTQ2+ social club, presented the very first “trashion show” at UAA on national coming out day, Oct. 11. It spread awareness on a variety of subjects including the environment, repurposing, and creating an inclusive environment.

Mark Zimmerman, the secretary of The Family, said that the purpose of the event was to bring the thrifting and repurposing culture — which is common within their group — to life in a full event. He said that he hoped it would attract all kinds of people and create an encouraging atmosphere in their club environment.

 Guest judge Andrew Gray, who is running for state senate, said that there was a diverse group of people and a variety of participants .Indeed, there was a great turnout for both audience members and models.

Watching the show, there seemed to be a lot of enthusiasm for it. Many people encouraged the models and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

The trashion show was held at the Student Union and it was designed with a red carpet leading to a gateway decorated with trash.

The models walking down the runway sported their creative uses of trash. They used materials such as paper towels, cardboard, and of course, garbage bags to create their runway outfits.

This event was not all about fashion, though. It helped to promote and spread the message of repurposing. “The whole message about upcycling, recycling, and finding new purposes, it’s just a beautiful event,” said guest judge M.C. MoHagani Magnetek.

“We want to have this conversation about what we are doing with the resources that we have and items that we use everyday that we consider trash.”

There are many ways that this event can be looked at: It is a fashion show; It is an event to spread awareness of waste; It was created to help create an encouraging atmosphere. It accomplished all of these in a fun and engaging way.

The Family hosted the trashion show as a way to spread this message that, with luck,  will continue to inspire.

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