Students can intern virtually with a wide range of opportunities

Photo by Susanna Marsiglia on Unsplash.

Internships may seem out of reach right now because of the pandemic, but there are a lot of opportunities to get job experience virtually.

Many types of internships are available online through various means. WayUp is an online platform where students can search for internships and jobs with a user-friendly interface. They offer programs with brands like L’Oréal, Bloomberg and HBO. Profiles can be tailored to the student’s educational experience and what kind of internship they are seeking paid or non-paid.

One example of a spring 2021 internship available now on WayUp, is a virtual marketing analytics internship for Warner Media. Students would work remotely and be focused on HBOMax, having assignments concerning social media marketing analytics, film/show budgets and box office data. This internship would run from Jan. 25 to April 16 in 2021 and is paid.

Another way to find internships is with Handshake, a system that UAA uses. National, international and local companies are featured, from government opportunities in Washington D.C. to local options in Anchorage. Students can create a profile using their UAA login information. Users can also set up alerts for specific internship and employment opportunities.

National internships at Handshake include the US Department of Commerce — International Trade Administration, located in Washington D.C., but now have virtual practicums available. A spring session for industry monitoring and analysis, run by the U.S. Department of Commerce, is available from Jan. 11 to May 24 in 2021. Interns will learn about international trade and learn valuable research skills while immersing themselves in the U.S. aluminum and steel industry.

If an internship that is more relaxed than learning about trade policies sounds more appealing, Snapchat offers virtual programs. Usually, internships for this popular social media platform are in person, but they have launched their first remote program to accommodate difficult times. Interns may participate in different sectors, such as research, business or engineering. Educational backgrounds are also diverse, from undergraduate to doctorate degrees. Interviews are remote and programs are available until the summer of 2021.

Contact tracers for the COVID-19 pandemic are also needed in Alaska. Though not an internship, working as a contact tracer provides experience for medical professionals and those that seek research skills. It’s also a valuable and much-needed service to all Alaskans. This position is paid and training is provided, with a stipend at the end of training regardless of whether employment is accepted. Students can find out more about contact tracing on the UAA College of Health website homepage.

For more information about internships and employment through UAA, visit Handshake. For help brushing up a resume, take a look at the UAA Career Services page.