Mat-Su College clubs are coming back

After two years of pandemic hibernation, Mat-Su College clubs are looking for new members

Game Night

College life for commuters isn’t always easy. A one-way trip to Anchorage or the Valley under perfect conditions outside of rush hour will run you at least 45 minutes. With the majority of students living in Anchorage, most of the club action is at UAA.

If you live in the Valley, you might not want to go home and drive all the way back to Anchorage for a club, but there could be a gathering of students with your interests closer than you think.

TNL spoke to adjunct professor Joey Pavia-Jones, the adviser for the Gay Straight Alliance, who filled us in. Right now the student clubs page at the Mat-Su College website boasts nine clubs, and each one is unique. 

On Friday Sept. 30, the Gay Straight Allaiance has a game night in the Cafe in the Jalmar Kertula Building from 3-6 p.m., and on Friday Oct. 28, they will have their Halloween Bash in the Glann Massay Theater where they will mingle from 3-6 p.m., then at 7 p.m. watch Little Shop of Horrors.  

Autumn service projects are underway. After a pandemic hibernation, Mat-Su College’s clubs are starting to wake up again and get into action. While a date has yet to be set traditionally the veterinarian club has promoted an animal food donation at an animal shelter. Student government has led a food drive for the food bank, while the Gay Straight Allaincehas had a sock drive for My House. Robotics Club “is always building stuff”. The Alaska Native Culture Club and the Math Club are trying to restart. 

Contact information is at the Mat-Su College website. See if you can find a club that you would like to join and find out if it meets when you are at home in The Valley.

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