Life-Size Pac-Man is the first of many family friendly events sponsored by UAA organizations

The Pac-Man ghosts prepare for the participants to enter the game. Photo courtesy of UAA Student Activities.

A glow in the dark course was creatively designed on the gym floor where participants tried to collect the dots as fast as they could while outrunning the ghosts. Many cheers came from the audience as participants completed the course.

Life-Size Pac-Man is the latest collaboration that happened Sept. 15 between UAA Student Activities and the Seawolf Sports Complex. At the beginning of the event, the stands seemed to be filled with eager fans. Onlookers cheered for the participants as they ran through the maze, collecting glow in the dark rings to compete for the fastest time. Fans shouted directions from the stand to ensure that Pac-Man didn’t miss any rings. If they did, they were disqualified. The crowd kept an energized spirit throughout the competition. It was an entertaining event and people seemed to have fun.

John David with UAA Intramurals has started “Intramurals Plus” as an approach to create more unique programs that people would enjoy. Life-Size Pac-Man was just the beginning. Events like this are scheduled for once a month from Oct. to Dec. Families are one of the main motivations for the creation of this program, he said.

“About 22% of the student body are caregivers or have kids. So we are excited to be doing more family programming.” says Corey Miller, the Student Activities Coordinator.

Life-Size Pac-Man was a hit for family entertainment. Many of the participants were children of students. “We feel like the students are paying in this activity fee and a lot of folks can’t come to these events because they can’t necessarily bring their kids, right? So here’s a good way to do that which we are really excited about.”

This will not be the last family friendly event that UAA Student Activities and the Seawolf Sports Complex will have happening. There is an activity every month until the end of the year.

Upcoming events:

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October 13th @ 7PM

Glow N’ Dark Flag Football

November 18th @ 7PM

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December 8th @ 7PM

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