Foundations features students’ artwork

Foundations artwork will be on display until Dec. 8.

Attendees of Foundations observe students' artwork. Photo by Carlee Christensen.

The Hugh McPeck Gallery is the ideal location for student’s artwork to be displayed, and Foundations is doing just that.

Foundations is an annual showcase of instructor-selected student artwork from UAA’s art courses. The artwork will be on display until Dec. 8.

The gallery was filled with artists and other attendees during the opening reception. There was chatter across the room about people’s observations about the artwork. You would often see people taking pictures with the displays.

Hugh McPeck Gallery filled with attendees for Foundations. Photo by Carlee Christensen.

The Hugh McPeck Gallery manager was surprised — as was I — to see all the people who came.

I walked around and started talking to some of the people who were attending. 

Bryce Fredick, a former UAA student said, “This looks like a really strong group of foundation students. I was in this program years ago. I graduated in 2018 and so it’s really cool to kind of come through and see the assignments that I had seen done in the past by my own classmates. It’s nice to see it’s kind of keeping alive and keeping the gallery full.”

Fredrick mentioned that the indigo watercolor paintings are a through line of the art department at UAA.

I spoke with one of the artists of the indigo watercolor pieces, Holly King. 

Attendees for Foundations walk around and socialize while observing the students' artwork. Photo by Carlee Christensen.

“This is probably the only piece that I have that’s actually framed so it feels really cool to actually see it up here in a professional setting.”

King did a monochromatic watercolor piece entitled “Couple Dancing” that showed a great attention to detail. King said that fabric folds and movement were something that they wanted to incorporate in their artwork.

It was an impressive piece, especially since King has never done watercolor before.

There are many other pieces of artwork on display that showcase the skills that the students have. There is a mix of paintings, three dimensional art and clay sculptures.

It is quite an impressive show, and I think it would be worth your time to stop by and see it.

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