Cabin Fever Debates

Cabin Fever Debates logo. Courtesy of Seawolf Debate.

The Cabin Fever debate tournament, hosted by Seawolf Debate, is an annual intramural debate competition where the champions may take home a substantial cash prize. The Northern Light interviewed the program’s director Steve Johnson.

Johnson spoke on how the event benefits students. Johnson said that it “gives [students] opportunities to develop critical thinking and communication skills. An important part of education.”

Every year the Cabin Fever Debates draw around 35 participants to compete for the championship title. At this time, with the competition well under way, interested students will only be able to attend as viewers of the competition. However, if a student is interested in participating in the future, recruiting for the event begins around December of each year. The competition generally starts on the first Tuesday of February each year.

This year, the debates began on Feb. 13 and the final round will be conducted on Feb. 27 from 7-10 p.m. Each debate is held in room 118 of the Social Sciences Building.

The final debate will be on the topic “billionaires should not exist.” While each of the teams that make it through the preliminary rounds will receive $250 dollars, only the championship team will earn the $1,000 grand prize.