• Avoiding sexual assault while partying safely

    party safe

    When most sexual assaults on campuses involve alcohol and when so many students party, partying can become a very dangerous place for college students and especially freshmen, but there are still ways to be safer and smarter about both to prevent becoming a victim or offender of sexual abuse or assault.

  • Howlapalooza: A day of music and food


    The Anchorage arts community is bustling with talent. Musicians, visual artists and acrobats alike have made their name in the community. Now, with the help of UAA Student Activities and local marketing firm Spawn Ideas, this local talent will have a big venue to perform for UAA students and the Anchorage community alike with “Howlapalooza.”

  • Student government president and vice president platforms and priorities


    USUAA President Stacey Lucason and Vice President Jolaine Polak won out the student government election with 455 votes, leaving competitors Johnnie E. Templeton and Ashleigh Gaines a distant second with 344 votes.

    As a part of their platform, Lucason and Polak want to make campus worth staying on after class. Working with Student Union Operations Coordinator Dana Sample, Lucason and Polak have coordinated to make both the Student Union Advisory Board and the Student Union Gallery more active.

  • AK Airlines Center debut concert: Alabama Shakes

    Alabama Shakes_ Joshua Black Wilkins2

    Get ready for the blues and southern rock group Alabama Shakes, performing live at the Alaska Airlines Center as part of a series of grand opening celebrations. The Alabama Shakes will take the stage Sept. 13 at the newly finished Alaska Airlines Center. The concert opens with The Whipsaws at 7:30 p.m.

    The Alabama Shakes consist of members Brittany Howard, Zac Cockrell, Heath Fogg, Steve Johnson and Ben Tanner. Brittany Howard’s smooth yet rough and raspy voice gives the group’s music a true blues rock sound.

  • Is the Bookstore charging too much?


    Textbooks are the great hidden fee of college. Not many grasp how truly expensive they are until they have to buy or rent them. But why are they so expensive? Some blame publishers, and many others blame bookstores. And now, with the advent of Amazon, it’s becoming easier and easier to blame the latter for exorbitant textbook prices.

    “(Amazon) is just generally much cheaper, despite even the shipping costs to Alaska,” said Matthew Parker, a student at UAA’s main campus.

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