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FY18 (2017-2018)

The links below contain Insertion Orders for July 2017 through June 2018.

Off-Campus Insertion Order - FY18 (Organizations without a UAA org number)

On-Campus Insertion Order - FY18 (Organizations with a UAA org number)

Issue Dates - FY18


The Northern Light's Fall Commencement edition is released December 12, 2017. This issue is distributed by TNL employees during the Fall Commencement Ceremony on December 17, 2017. Approximately 3,500 copies of the edition are distributed throughout the UAA campus and at 36 locations around Anchorage. Copies of The Northern Light’s Fall Commencement Edition will be available from December 12, 2017 to January 15, 2018.

Off-Campus IO (Organizations without a UAA org number) 

On-Campus IO (Organizations with a UAA org number)

The Northern Light would like to offer friends and family of UAA graduates an opportunity to show their support by purchasing a graduate ad in The Northern Light’s Fall Commencement Edition. College graduation is a time of celebration that doesn’t come around very often, so don’t miss an opportunity to create memories and show your graduate you care.

Avoiding the Ad Prep Fee

Checking that your ad is in the proper dimensions:

Converting ad to black and white:

University of Alaska Anchorage
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Student Union 113
Anchorage, AK 99508

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