You say ethics complaints, we say you quit on us

An open letter to former Gov. Palin:

Hi Sarah! I appreciate the fact that you recently addressed us-the people who live in the state you sometimes govern-on television and your official state website. The effort you must have put into directing someone to write that message for us was heartwarming.

It must have been difficult to fit into your tight schedule-between abandoning your obligations and changing your position on cap and trade in time to write an op-ed for another state’s newspaper concerning your new stance.

I’m not sure I really understand your reasoning. Or maybe it’s just that I don’t believe a word of it. The way you talk about what “can be in store for our state,” it seems like you’ve already checked out. Then again, I guess maybe you have.

I’m pretty sure I’ve had this same basic conversation with ex-girlfriends-it’s just another version of the ‘its not you, it’s me’ talk. All I hear when you tell me “nothing is more important to me than our beloved Alaska” is that you love Alaska, you’re just not IN love with Alaska.

Honestly, I don’t follow your logic. Just like any time someone uses the ‘you can do better than me’ excuse to break up-what they really mean is the inverse. You’re breaking up with Alaska because you see better things over the horizon.

People have already been busy poking holes in your story. Don’t you think we deserve the truth? Even with your creative bookkeeping, it’s likely to cost the state more to sort out the succession mess you’re leaving behind than it would to continue to fight ethics complaints against you.

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Then again, I guess we’re finally in agreement. What’s “best for Alaska” might be you out of the picture.

But Sarah, who do you think that you are fooling? You call politics a “wasteful bloodsport,” then turn around and announce that you plan to become immediately involved in national politics after leaving office? It doesn’t leave much to the imagination for those who are speculating about your plans for 2012.

Or is it really all about the Benjamins, like Levi claims? Either way, I can’t see how it’s in the state’s best interest for you to vacate office so quickly it spins heads-leaving a Constitutional quagmire in your wake.

In fact, I can only see one person who’d be best served by your expedient departure: You. Well, you and the majority of Alaskans who would be thrilled if you dropped off the radar entirely. But that’s not a very believable scenario is it?

No, not with the book deal ready to go and speaking engagements already booked. We’ve definitely not heard the last of Sarah Palin, or your national ambitions. I don’t see anyone with your insatiable appetite settling down for a nice quiet life.

It’s all right there in your resignation.

You reference “Seward’s Folly,” establishing that William H. Seward, though mocked for it, chose an “unconventional” and “uncomfortable” path. I see how you’re setting yourself up as analogous to a great, historical, forward thinking political figure. You’re also inferring that you’re not actually making a mistake-just enduring short-term ridicule to do what’s best for the nation in the long run. In other words, Palin 2012.

Now Sarah, I enjoy an extended metaphor as much as the next guy, but it’s important to understand exactly what you’re analogizing. You say Alaska was purchased because of “a member of President Abe Lincoln’s cabinet.” William Seward may have once been a member of Lincoln’s cabinet, but Alaska was actually purchased during the Andrew Johnson administration.

For your sake, lets just hope that your political machinations are more successful than your metaphors. If so, maybe “Sarah’s Folly” won’t leave your political momentum as dead as Lincoln in 1867.