Women deserve equality on fields and courts too


Recently I started playing Intramural soccer at UAA and as much fun as I have had with the program this far I find certain rules discriminatory towards the female gender.

In intramural soccer if a woman scores a point her team receives two points. If a man were to score a point he would only receive one point for his team. This is the same in broomball.

In intramural basketball a women who makes a basket will receive three points for her team. If a woman should be fouled her team will receive one additional point.

Maybe it is just my competitive nature but I think in any team sport the rules should be the same for any person. They should not change because of a name, age, gender or race.

The rules are the rules. No exceptions.

This applies not only to intramural sports but every other aspect of life as well.

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If I am applying for a job I want to get it because I am hard working, talented and have something to offer the business that none of the other candidates have. Not because I am a female.

If I am taking I class, I want to get an A because I deserve it, not because of the way my blouse fits over my chest.

Proud leaders fought the women’s right movement of the 20 century so that our gender could be EQUAL to the male gender, not so we could get special treatment from society.

I know it’s a double standard.

We want to be treated the same as the boys but we don’t want chivalry to die.

A balance has to be found, but I digress.

In the athletic world, intramural to professional women are not given the same respect as a man.

Men’s sports are broadcasted on a regular basis, and things like poker are played on ESPN over women’s basketball or hockey.

We have gained the right to vote; now we must fight for a equal place in the athletic world and a spot in the industry.