Wing nabs Student Regent nomination

UAA’s Student Regent and
Commissioner elections were held last
week, and the results were anything
but surprising. The only person on the
ballot was current USUAA President
Karl Wing who ran for Student Regent.
No one ran for the offi ce of Student
The total cost of holding and
promoting last week’s elections was
$750, which included newspaper
advertisements and posters.
The unoffi cial election results posted
last Friday, declared Karl Wing as
Student Regent. He won by 105 votes.
There were four subsequent write-ins
totaling 13 votes.
There were fi ve write-ins for Student
Commissioner with a total of 19 votes.
The unoffi cial win for commissioner
was a tie between USUAA Senators
Ashley Hice and Brandon Roulet at six
votes apiece. Neither Roulet nor Hice
were available for comment.
Both offi ces require the candidate be
enrolled in 12 credits for the next two
years, as undergrads and nine hours for
Several students applied for
the positions, but only one person
completed the application and was still
found to be applicable: Karl Wing.
The three main UA campuses all
held the same elections over the past
two weeks. Once the winners are
announced, Gov. Sarah Palin will then
handpick one student representative
for each offi ce. The one student will
sit on the Alaska Commission for
Postsecondary Education and the
other will sit on the Board of Regents.
Each will serve for two years. ACPE
primarily deals with student lending
and the Board of Regents deals with the
budgetary process as wells as student
rights and freedoms.
Wing, a political science major,
said that as a regent he would bring the
issues to the students, listen to their
feedback and take it back to the board.
“As a student, I’ve heard from a lot
of students in the four years that I’ve
been here that tuition is a big issue,”
Wing said. “I would try to keep [tuition]
reduced.or not raised at all. I mean,
that’s kind of diffi cult to overcome, but
at the same time, students need to be
heard on that topic.”
Wing said he would also advocate
fair distribution of funds to the three
main campuses, UAA, UAF and UAS,
as well as additional programs that
need to be sustained that are benefi ting
the state.
If chosen by the governor, Wing
would begin his term on June 1.