Where to get some grub around UAA

Food in Gorsuch Commons

Creekside Eatery

The Creekside Eatery, mainly used by students living on campus, offers all-you-can-eat buffet-style meals. Meals can be purchased with meal blocks and dining dollars here, as well. The Creekside Eatery offers students a barbecue, where they can order their choice of daily menu items and specials.

For breakfast students can order omelets, eggs any way they like and more. For lunch and dinner, one can always choose between various burgers and specials.

Creekside Eatery also hosts a salad bar with a number of options for building a salad, ready-to-go sandwiches as well as ingredients to make your own, a multitude of pizza, soups, some sushi and daily special entrees. There is also a special entree for lunch and dinner from around the world at the international fare part of the Creekside Eatery.

Bear Necessities

Bear Necessities is a convenience store for students living on campus — but while convenient, it is much overpriced. It’s the joke among students living on campus that the Bear Necessities formula for prices is the price a gas station would charge times two plus 50 cents. Dining dollars go fast here.

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Prices aside, Bear Necessities offers students frozen meals, a wide choice of ramen products, a plentiful amount of drinks and snacks, household items like toilet paper and paper towels, school supplies and a small selection of pharmacy items like cold medicine, deodorant and soap.

With its close proximity to UAA housing, Bear Necessities is the go-to place for stuff when you need something right away, but other than that the actual grocery store will probably serve one better. Bear Necessities also has a coffee stand.

Food in Cuddy Hall

Cuddy Marketplace

The Cuddy Marketplace offers a number of a la carte items including pizza, sushi, sandwiches, Mexican dishes like quesadillas, tacos, and taco salad, barbecue items such as burgers and chicken strips, soups of the day, drinks and few snack items. The Mexican dish prices are determined by weight, while other items have a set price.

Like the Creekside Eatery dining dollars and meal blocks are accepted at the Cuddy Marketplace.

The seating at Cuddy Marketplace makes a great place for group study sessions, but beware if you need to charge a laptop; you will be fighting for prime real estate on a select few tables that have outlets near them.


Lucy’s, run by UAA Culinary Arts and Hospitality program, offers fancy menu items made fresh by UAA’s very own Culinary Arts students. It has limited hours, but if you are willing to pay a bit more and dress in business casual clothes, Lucy’s has quite delectable food.

The prices, while more than the cafeterias around campus, aren’t unreasonable for what you get. For example. on Lucy’s spring 2014 menus, Seafood Cioppino that had king crab, red salmon, cod and clams was only $14.75.

The Daily Grind

Located in Cuddy Hall, The Daily Grind is conveniently located to one of the more popular study spots on campus. It offers the normal coffee stand drinks and also sells fruit, pastries, bagels and Seawolf Dining’s soups. It accepts meal blocks and dining dollars.

Culinary Arts Bake Cart

On certain days of the week UAA’s Culinary Arts program sells pastries in Cuddy Hall from its bake cart. The bake cart is very popular — the culinary arts students often have to bring out more batches of everything to keep the cart open.

The bake cart accepts only cash and check, so be prepared with cash or a checkbook on the days they are open for croissants, bread, cookies, muffins and more.

Food in SSB


Kaladi Brothers

Kaladi Brothers serves the UAA community with Kaladi Brothers coffee and drinks. It also offers some good seats for studying or catching up with others. On most days the seating around Kaladi Brothers is full and buzzing with conversation. Kaladi Brothers also has more than enough outlets for people’s electronics.

Kaladi Brothers also sells Seawolf Dining’s soups of the day and accepts dining dollars and meal blocks.

Food in the Student Union

Student Union Information Desk

The SU Information Desk, by far, offers the cheapest snacks and food on campus. It offers a variety of frozen burritos and other frozen meals, ramen, drinks, canned soups, sandwiches, salads, chips and candy. The SU Information Desk is the go-to place for a quick and cheap bite to eat when you are in a rush.

The SU Information Desk also has microwaves available so you can heat up your ramen or frozen meal. If you ask the attendants at the desk for hot water they have some ready if you don’t want to heat your ramen in the microwave.

Union Station

The Union Station is a student-managed and run coffee stand on the second floor of the Student Union. It offers normal coffee stand drinks and have a variety of pastries, as well as bagels. The Union Station also does drink specials every day. The Union Station does accept dining dollars and meal blocks.

Mein Bowl

Mein Bowl is UAA’s Asian food restaurant. It offers entrees such as broccoli beef, sesame chicken, chow mein, fried rice and other popular Chinese dishes. You can also purchase Tsunami Sushi there as well and get a bowl of miso soup.

The staff are always friendly and make an effort to know people’s name if they go multiple times. Meal blocks and dining dollars are accepted at Mein Bowl.


Much like most other Subways, the Subway on campus serves up sandwiches made with the ingredients you choose. Subway also has soups and square-shaped pizzas known as “Flatizzas.” Dining dollars and meal blocks are accepted at Subway.