‘What Women Want’

A feel-good story about a bad man gone good (or at least monogamous) takes viewers back to the days of Gary Cooper and Fred Astaire. Its light vaudeville humor is a welcome change to modern humor, from an Astaire-esque dance with a hat pole to verbal jousting, Mel Gibson proves he can be suave, not just manly as in his numerous other butt-baring movies. In the end, it is unlikely that Gibson's character, Nick Marshall, has truly grown much, but he's well on his way to becoming a kinder, gentler chauvinist. Helen Hunt turns on her glamour to grow way beyond her tomboy demeanor reflected in most of her movies. Hunt's strong, female character shows the gentle business failings of the modern woman as a lack of self confidence. Through Gibson, all female characters, except his already confident teenager, Alex, get to bloom into the confident creatures they always were but were afraid to show. A fun movie to watch and buy, more so for women. Some scenes are worth watching again and again.