What is seen ‘Through Our Eyes’

Remind None by Cody Swanson
Remind None by Cody Swanson

The world is seen from millions upon millions of viewpoints. Each individual perceives and interprets their surroundings in a variety of ways. The current Student Union Gallery exhibit, “Through Our Eyes,” examines how each photographer sees both the real world and other worlds of dream and fantasy.

“Through Our Eyes” features 10 artists from UAA’s Camera Club, who selected and displayed up to five original pieces. Their works are printed on different mediums and include travel snapshots, artistic interpretations of the mundane, portraiture and a photographic look into the psyche. The artists channeled inspiration and creativity in many ways when selecting and shooting for the show.

Bachelor of Fine Arts student Xenia Joy presented photographs depicting a variety of nightmares in the show.

“I chose to depict the inescapable fears and anxieties that follow me into my ‘escape’ from real life into the dream world,” Joy said.

Jill Rubin, another Bachelor of Fine Arts student, captures sights easily overlooked through macro shots of barnacles and algae attached to a rock. Her piece, entitled “Barnacles,” captures the minute detail of the organism and  what Rubin describes as the “rainbow sheen” of “boat fuel residue.”

“I like to focus on the details that are easy to overlook in real life, yet that can take center stage in a photograph,” Rubin said. “Appreciation for life fuels my creativity. … I’m inspired to create something recognizable yet unique in perspective.”

Artist Cody Swanson features pieces that focus on his own struggles and “current state of mind.”

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“‘Remind None’ is from a body of work dealing with personal struggles that I express through posing in front of the camera where my face is usually hidden, altered or distorted in some way,” Swanson said. “The photos ‘Within the Intricate,’ ‘Shiver it as Glass’ and ‘Porcelain’ are from a body of work titled ‘Broken Verses,’ where I search for elements in nature that reflect my current state of mind.”

In his “Broken Verses” series, Swanson uses poetry verses for his titles. Swanson also has one piece from a collection that was originally called “Narcolepsy Dreaming,” but is now called “Awakening.” The pieces from “Awakening” are double-exposed self-portraits.

Ellen Davis, a Bachelor of Fine Arts major and artist in the show, features many pieces from her travels.

Davis says photography is “about the moment.”

“Half a moment more or a moment less, and the photo would not have been successful,” she said of her piece “Women at the Wall, Jerusalem, Israel.”

In addition to these artists, the gallery features works by Janice Parsley, Ronald Ferguson, Georgia Lee Tolbert, Javid Kamali and Heidi Huso.


“Through Our Eyes” is open until Oct. 3 at the Student Union Gallery. Many of the pieces are for sale.