Wells Fargo Sports Complex spruced up for fall

The Wells Fargo Sports Complex (WFSC) got a much-needed facelift over the summer, one of which will be to the delight of UAA spectators.

“We’ve got brand new bleachers,” Dr. Steve Cobb said, Athletic Director at UAA.

Yes, the WFSC now sports snazzy new seats, including two top rows of cushioned VIP seats.

Anyone venturing through campus can take obvious note of the newest addition to UAA: the Allied Health Sciences Building on Providence Drive. However, in the heart of campus lies this new improvement, which will catch the eye of anyone who remembers the Sports Complex of the last many years.

Just like every other institution, UAA went through the regular summer motions of maintaining its facilities while use was at a minimum.

The pool was drained and cleaned, as it is every year to start August. The hockey rink’s boards and dashers received maintenance. The gymnasium floor was rescrubbed, sanded, and given three new layers of clear to look pristine for the beginning of the school year.

The gymnasium – home to the volleyball, gymnastics and basketball programs – is the highlight of WFSC’s new look. Out with the old and out-of-code bleachers and in with the new and much needed contoured plastic bleachers.

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And from the way it sounds, the new seats came not a moment too soon.

“The process for the bleachers has been about 10 years in the making,” Kevin Silver said, UAA’s Associate Athletic Director, who oversaw the facilities’ maintenance and renovations. “It’s been (a process) to convince the University that the current bleachers we have are starting to get old.”

Now, not only do fans have a safer environment to enjoy volleyball, gymnastics and basketball, but also they have a more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable seat.

“The new seats are contoured, molded plastic. They’re much more comfortable. And then we have 80-plus VIP seats that are chair-backed, a lot like theater seats,” Cobb said.

The change in environment could very well bring positive effects going into the sports seasons that utilize the gym. Every new season offers a program a fresh start, regardless of how the prior campaign was.

“I just think it makes the gym look better. We’re thrilled that it’s a lot safer and that people who come to see our athletes perform can do so in greater comfort,” Cobb said. “I’m very happy with it.”

Coupled with a revamped facility, UAA has an opportunity for an even fresher start. What will this do for campus spirit? The new WFSC will no doubt encourage a great turnout of eager Seawolf fans. A comfortable, appealing spectator area can ignite an already terrific UAA fan base.

“We’ll see how it goes as we get into a sellout situation,” says Silver.

This could in fact be a kind of signaling of a new era in Seawolf athletics with the thought of add to the teams’ home court and, in return, the teams keep the seats filled.