{USUAA This Week}

Representative Reports

Concert Board

Sen. Jonathan Wilcox announced the upcoming Morgan Spurlock event. Blockbuster video is offering one free movie rental to all event attendees and a $5 discount on the purchase of Spurlock’s movie, “Supersize Me.” Wilcox said only 50 tickets have been sold but large groups are requesting tickets and sales are beginning to increase.

Executive Reports

Vice President Report

Vice President Michael Blanton intends to invite a speaker from UAA facilities to present on the possible plans for expanding the Student Union.

Presidential Reports

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President Chris Hall plans to invite a member of the faculty to present their view on the bookstore mark-up policy situation.

Hall suggested USUAA purchase a site license or encourage other clubs and UAA organizations to purchase site licenses in order to publicly show videos under those licenses.

The College Goal, an event to help low-income and first-generation high school graduates complete paperwork for college applications is scheduled for Feb. 13.

Speakers to be Heard Not on the Agenda

Former RHA Representative Chris Bauer reported on a recent meeting with the director of the Student Health Center, MaryAnn Wilson.

Bauer said the SHC has noticed a twofold increase in the number of students requesting mental health services. The SHC has a budget capable of hiring a third mental health practitioner, which is being considered. The SHC is also searching to establish a liaison between USUAA and SHC, Bauer said.

Students may want an on-campus crisis intervention center, which the SHC is not, Bauer said.

Committee Reports

Academic and Student Affairs Committee

The Student Leadership Scholarship fliers are still available. The application deadline is Nov. 19.

Academic Affairs is working on the name and date of UAA’s spring Student Leadership Conference and re-establishing the USUAA information table from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Nov. 9 and 10.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is working on replacing a bus shelter and its benches for the handicapped students who use the Seawolf Shuttle.

Rules Committee

Another senatorial resignation was recognized because the senator had exceeded the maximum number of permissible absences. Members of the Rules Committee are still working on a quorum-absence policy.

New Business

Assembly Bill 0505, which would appropriate $1,500 for printing and distributing Student Discount cards, passed its first reading. There was debate as to whether the cards should be distributed to students taking a minimum of three or six credits. Since USUAA represents students taking at least three credits, the cards will be distributed to all students enrolled in at least three credits during the 2004-2005 academic year. Blanton, one of the bill’s sponsors, said he hopes to have all the Student Discount Program sponsors secured before end of the semester and plans to print and distribute the cards during winter break. The cards will be usable during the spring 2005 semester and summer 2005 session.

Old Business

Assembly Bill 0504, which would appropriate no more than $4,000 to pay for the expenses of sending up to five students to the Northwest Student Leadership Conference Nov. 19-21 in Portland, Ore., faced major opposition when it was suggested that the clause allowing for any student, not just a USUAA senator, to attend the conference be omitted in the interest of selecting students more quickly. Omitting the clause would not directly benefit the student body, opponents said. Proponents of the bill argued UAA is the largest UA campus and should be represented at the conference.

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