USUAA president Ryan Buchholdt heads for Russia

USUAA President Ryan Buchholdt will be in Russia from Nov 13 to the 20.

Buchholdt is one of 15 student government presidents to win the national award. He will be joined by presidents from Duke, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Michigan State, and Georgetown, to name a few.

“Russia is expected to become one of the top economies of the 21st
century and with the Arctic ice melting they will gain access to large
oil and gas reserves, as well as new shipping lanes. As the Arctic world
is reshaped due to climate change, strong relations with Russia will
become paramount to future development and security in the northern
regions,” Buchholdt said.

This is the second group of student government delegations to visit Russia since the fall of the Iron Curtain, according to Johnny Bowman, a Harvard student body president for the 2010-11 academic year.

Buccholdt noted the relevance the program has for UAA.

“UAA has many Russian students which creates some great opportunities for partnerships in entrepreneurship and policy.”

The Russian Federation’s Federal Agency on Youth Affairs is paying for
this trip. The program is organized by the Open World Leadership Center for Congress.