USUAA passes constitutional amendment to restructure Student Government Fee

USUAA voted in favor of amending Article Two, Section Two of their constitution on Oct. 5. This amendment, #19-01, would add a third clause while revising the second.

Photo credit: Christian Cielo

Passing unanimously (with the exception of two absent members of the council), this amendment would implement a flat fee of $10 for students to pay as the Student Government Fee, as outlined by the new, second clause.

The new, third clause states that the aforementioned fee will not be changed, except by process of constitutional amendment.

Prior to the amendment, no set fee was mentioned in the constitution. Formerly, students taking three or more on-campus credits would pay $1 per credit but no more than $12. Now, all students taking three or more on-campus credits will be subject to a flat $10 fee.

USUAA rationalized this change by saying that it would boost the efficiency in which USUAA serves the student body. USUAA would no longer have to spend time each year calculating how much of their budget is accounted for by Student Government Fee.

It also drastically reduces the margin for error when forecasting their budget, as they no longer have to deal with the variable of the number of credit hours a student may be taking.

“We do our budget [based] on enrollment and credit hours. This would just allow us to do it on enrollment,” USUAA Vice President Clare Baldwin said during the assembly meeting. “[The flat fee] just makes it easier for us.”

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A flat Student Government Fee is able to combat year-by-year budget decreases by allowing for USUAA to increase their budget while also optimizing their time.

Baldwin said this was the first proposed change in the Student Government Fee in “over a decade.”

“I think it’s going to be beneficial to the student government and our ability to actually serve students and do things that better their experience here at UAA,” Alex Jorgensen, USUAA senator, said.

Students can look forward to voting on this amendment on Nov. 13-14.