USUAA appoints rules committee weeks late

USUAA has officially established a rules committee as of its Sept. 26 general assembly meeting. According to the bylaws of the USUAA constitution, a rules committee should be formed within the first two weeks of the new semester.

The members of the rules committee — Jonathon Taylor, Samantha Reischer, Amanda Boger and Parker Dahl — were appointed Sept. 19 and will serve on the newly formed committee. The USUAA Rules Committee will primarily be responsible for establishing standing rules for the assembly while ensuring that all USUAA rules are followed according to the USUAA constitution.

In addition to creating and interpreting rules, the rules committee is also responsible for making sure senators are doing their respected jobs; examining conflicts between the constitution and bylaws to ensure both documents work in harmony; working on and dealing with any charges filed against an assembly member that pertains to his or her job performance; and lastly, appointing assembly members to other committees.

USUAA has faced obstacles during its fall 2014 meetings due to ambiguities concerning how to properly interpret certain bylaws in the USUAA Constitution. USUAA hopes to avoid such hang-ups in the future with the new rules committee in place.

Senator Stephen Warta said the newly appointed committee will make USUAA’s general assembly meetings more efficient than they have been this semester.

“We don’t want to spend valuable time discussing issues that could probably wait until another day,” Warta said. “Ideally, the rules committee will establish how to properly interpret things so we don’t waste a lot of time with personal biases. Also, with the committee in place, we can start to move ahead within our discussions of the needs of students and concentrate more on finding solutions.”

Senator Samuel Doepken said a rules committee is typically appointed within the second week of school.

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“The establishment of a rules committee was a little delayed, but I’m glad they’re up and running, so now we can have the rest of the committees actually working towards their assignments and get the ball rolling on other things.”

USUAA general assembly meetings are held Fridays at 3 p.m. For more information on how to get involved with USUAA, please contact USUAA at 907-786-1203, or stop by the Student Government office located in room 201 in the Student Union.