Sex and the Seawolf: Usher — helping people get laid since 1997

There seems to be an age craze in American society. People can be heard regularly saying, “I only date younger women,” “I only date older men,” or vice versa.

It’s completely understandable. Some people want the maturity of an older person in their life. Some people want a youngster with a hot, rocking body. Everyone has preferences, and this column is not meant to judge.

I am generally attracted to older men. They have better stories to tell because they’ve simply lived longer.

But, a recent exploit has caused me to realize that there’s something to be said about dating a person one’s own age.

The person I’m referring to is only two years my senior, making him one of the youngest people I’ve gone on a date with, ever!

The first time we went out, we split the bill at a restaurant at my insistence. Being the cool, new age guy he is, he accepted the cash with no problems. An older man would have made a huge fuss about paying the tab and a younger guy simply doesn’t have the grace or experience to know what to do when a lady makes the offer. So, that’s a winning point for the person my age.

On our second date, we decided to play it classy and snuck bourbon into a movie theater. I brought the bourbon. He paid for the tickets. Sounds fair to me. Did I mention I brought the bourbon?

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That’s an essential point of information because it is the key reason for stumbling back to his place half-drunk after the movie. He also gets a winning point here. Older guys have little patience for keeping company with half-drunk girls. Younger guys would have been too hammered to drive home. Not the my-aged-man! I’ll have you know, he was a sober driver.

This is where things get sticky.

The apex of the evening became whether or not we decide to have sex.

Granted, I was already leaning to “yes” because Southern Comfort does that to a girl.

But, something inside of me was tinged with the notion of making him wait.

That is until he started playing all the R&B/pop songs of the early 2000s.

“Soldier” by Destiny’s Child blasted through the speakers — borderline crappy music like that is completely gone from the mind of anyone who didn’t wear JNCO jeans to school. Nobody, aside from those who lived in the era, knows how important that music is.

It was on.

Did I put out way to soon? Yes, absolutely.

Do I have regrets? Are you kidding?

Not only did we use a condom (no glove, no love!), but while wrapped in sheets later that night we sang all the words to Usher’s “U got it bad.”

“When you feel it in your body you found somebody who … makes you change your ways like hanging with your crew …”

And, I think he really enjoyed being with a his-age girl because we have plans to continue seeing each other.

Does it sound like I have regrets?