UPD investigating USUAA election misconduct

University police are investigating an incident that occurred on campus Tuesday night in which campaign posters for two USUAA candidates were removed illegally.

Ryan Buchholdt and Amie Stanley are running for USUAA Student Body President and Vice President.  The two candidates recently posted full-color sandwich board flyers, 10 of which were torn down less than 24 hours later.

“There is camera footage of the person taking them down.  UPD is currently in the process of dealing with that.  There are replacements being purchased, the individual has agreed to pay, and has paid for the full replacement cost for those,” Buckholdt said.

University Police Officer Shane Bozeman declined to comment since the investigation was still ongoing, though the police department did confirm the flyers were stolen, a confession was made and that the individual has agreed to pay for the damages.

Ryan Buckholdt and Amie Stanley reposted their posters in 8.5 by 11 inch increments after their full size posters were vandalized.

Although charges are not likely to be filed, the monetary value of the posters could have potentially made the act a theft in the third degree, which is a misdemeanor.  USUAA Senator Rachel Colvard, commented on the incident.

“You shouldn’t be taking material down, absolutely not, if you want to offer a rebuttal, offer the rebuttal, but you should not be removing the material,” Colvard said.

Buchholdt has agreed to not press charges as part of a verbal agreement with the individual responsible.

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“I pretty much told him that as long as he pays replacement costs and you know, agrees that he’s not going to touch anyone’s stuff, for any of the campaigns through the whole season here and, you know, verbal agreement with me that he’s going to do community service out in you know the city that you know, I was fine.  He was very remorseful about it,” Buckholdt said.

Stanley was most concerned with getting the flyers replaced.  Flyers can be seen in the Student Union that have been reprinted in increments of 8.5 and 11 inch papers.

UPD expect to have the investigation closed by Friday.  Elections begin next week on Tuesday, April 5.


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