UAA Hosts Alaska’s Statehood Celebration

There’s nothing like getting ahead of yourself for the holiday season. UAA understands the pressure that accompanies the winter celebrations, so to ease the stress for students and faculty alike, they declared last week “Alaska Week” – the celebration of Alaska’s 50 years of statehood.

The celebration week can be likened to a child who had the unfortunate luck of being born on Christmas. Hence why Alaska’s 50 years of statehood is celebrated in October and not January, when it actually became a state.

To understand this interesting phenomenon better, it should be pointed out that on Oct. 18, 1867, the treaty was signed that officially made Alaska a US district; and that is where Alaska Day comes from. Alaska Week in October almost makes sense.

This is the first time UAA has celebrated Alaska Week. The weeklong celebration included Native dancers, archeology, art, lectures and discussion panels.

The weeklong celebration ended last Saturday on Alaska Day, with a 50 year retrospective on Alaska’s statehood, held at the Wendy Williamson Theatre.

Sen. Ted Stevens was initially slated to speak for the engagement. Unfortunately, Stevens was in Washington DC, preparing to enter the final stage of his criminal trial. The jury is set to begin deliberations this week; in time for Stevens to celebrate statehood in January.