UAA gets below-average grade on sustainability

Sustainability report cards for 200 college campuses with endowments totaling $343 billion across the U.S. and Canada show universities are improving green practices and policies with more than two-thirds of schools improving performance over the last year, according to the new College Sustainability Report Card 2008.

UAA earned a C- on the sustainability report card.

The report also shows that schools are earning higher marks for green initiatives in campus operations, but that a majority of the wealthiest schools aren’t applying sustainability practices to their endowment investments.

The report card category with the lowest overall grades was Shareholder Engagement, with 66 percent earning F’s. Failing grades averaged only 10 percent of the five campus categories that included administration, green building and transportation.

The sustainability report card is the only independent evaluation of campus operations and endowment investments, and is published by the Sustainable Endowments Institute.

It assesses 200 public and private universities with the largest endowments, ranging from $230 million to nearly $35 billion.

Harvard, Dartmouth, the University of Washington, Middlebury, Carleton and the University of Vermont earned the highest overall grades of A-.