UAA to eliminate equivalency exams for history courses

clep2As of Jan. 1 UAA will no longer grant credit for College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams for Western Civilization I and II, and United States History I and II. Western Civilization I and II and either United States History I or II are general education requirements for all Bachelor of Arts degrees in the College of Arts and Sciences, the largest college in the university system.

Resident tuition for the nine credits of required courses costs around $1,500 and nonresident tuition costs around $5,400. If a student were to take CLEP exams the costs would be $300 for the three exams plus whatever study materials may be necessary.

An email sent to UAA faculty by University Registrar Lora Volden last Wednesday announced the changes, which include a revision of Advanced Placement and DSST Test Score equivalents as well. The email confirms that students who test before the New Year will still receive credit as it is listed before the changes.

Neither UAA’s Advising and Testing Center website nor the website of College Board, the company behind CLEP testing, has any notice of the exams no longer to be accepted at UAA, but faculty and advisers are being told to make students aware.

“We appreciate your assistance with spreading the word and ensuring students are advised appropriately,” reads the email.

The email does not address what recourse students might have who had planned to take the CLEP exams after Jan. 1 in order to graduate.

 Correction: The changes in equivalency exams were actually posted on UAA’s Office of the Registrar website on December 6 as scheduled.