UAA suffers two losses in back-to-back games against Bowling Green

In two back-to-back games against Bowling Green on Nov. 15 and 16, the Seawolf hockey team suffered two losses. 

During the first game, UAA scored just a single point, while the Falcons scored three. When the teams returned to the ice the next night, the Seawolves were unable to score, and the Falcons managed three points again.

During the first night, the Seawolves went the majority of the game without scoring. In contrast, Bowling Green scored two goals in the first period and one in the second period. 

It wasn’t until 1:35 in the third period that the Seawolves got on the board. Freshman forward Nick Wicks was the only Seawolf to score during the two nights. This was his third goal of the season.

Sophomore goaltender Kristian Stead took the net the first night, accumulating 34 saves. The Falcons made 37 shot-attempts on Stead, with three successful. In comparison, the Seawolves accumulated 16 shot attempts.

When the teams met back on the ice the next night, the Seawolves changed things up a bit. However, they were still unsuccessful. With almost twice as many shot attempts as the night before (29), UAA didn’t score a single point for the night.

Junior goaltender Kris Karlson saved 31 of 34 attempts made by the Bowling Green Falcons during the Nov. 16 game. Photo courtesy of Skip Hickey.

Stead gave up the goal to junior goaltender Kris Karlson, who saved 31 of the Falcons’ 34 attempts.

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The Falcons scored one point in the first period before hitting a plateau until the third period. They scored an additional two points before the game ended.

Currently, the Seawolves are ranked seventh in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association out of ten teams. Overall, the Seawolves have a 2-6 record, with a total of eight points this season. 

Minnesota State, Northern Michigan and UAF are in a three-way tie for first place, with a total of 15 points for the season. 

Next, the Seawolves will play back-to-back games against Minnesota State on Nov. 22 and 23.