UAA Seawolves win third straight Kendall Classic

The 2013 Kendall Classic took place Oct. 11-12. Friday night’s games brought plenty of action as the University of Alaska Fairbanks opened the Kendall Classic against the Air Force Academy.


UAF vs. Air Force

The first goal of the game came 12 seconds into the first period. UAF goal scored by Nolan Huysmans gave the Nanooks an early lead. Cody Kunyk and Jared Larson added goals in the first period as well.

The second period started with the Nanooks leading the Falcons 3-0. It became clear that UAF was going to be the team to beat in the Kendall Classic.

Adding the 3-0 lead in the second period was a goal scored by Kunyk, his second of the night. The Falcons finally put up a goal scored by George Michalke.

UAF answered with a goal scored by Garrick Perry. Making it 4-1 to close out the second period.

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The third period started and UAF added a 6 on 5 power play goal scored by Marcus Basara. Giving the Nanooks a 6-1 victory over the Air Force Falcons.


UAA vs. Quinnipiac

The second game on Friday night was UAA taking on the Quinnipiac Bobcats. The Quinnipiac Bobcats were ranked number 10 in the nation coming into the game against UAA.

The Seawolves took the lead first with a goal scored by Hudson Friesen. Friesen was assisted the goal by Dylan Hubbs and Brett Cameron. Blake Tatchell made it 2-0 Seawolves with an assist from Hudson Friesen.

The Bobcats answered with a goal from Bryce Van Brabant. He was assisted from teammates Jordan Samuels-Thomas and Cory Hibbeler.

In the second period both teams were held scoreless from great goaltending.

The third period opened with UAA leading the Bobcats 2-1. A third period goal scored by the Seawolves was able to secure the victory for UAA. The goal scored by UAA player Brett Cameron and assists from Blake Leask and Tanner Dusyk.

UAA beat the #10-ranked Quinnipiac Bobcats 3-1.



Saturday’s Kendall Classic saw UAF and UAA both tied 1-0 in the tournament.  Each team needed a win and the other team to lose to take home the championship. It appeared UAF was going to be the team to beat as they took apart Air Force in Friday night’s game.

But Saturday’s game against the Quinnipiac Bobcats would not be easy for UAF.


UAF vs. Quinnipiac

UAF needed a win to have a chance at the Kendall Classic championship. Quinnipiac was not going to be an easy task for the Nanooks.

The Bobcats took a first period lead with a goal scored by Derek Smith. A second goal added in the first period by the Bobcats’ Sam Anas.

The second period started with the Nanooks trailing the Bobcats 2-0. UAF was finally able to get on the scoreboard with a goal scored by Nolan Huysmans.

Quinnipiac was able to pull away with a goal scored by Connor Clifton.

The third period opened with UAF trailing Quinnipiac 3-1. A goal scored by the Bobcats Connor Jones gave Quinnipiac the 4-1 victory over UAF.


UAA vs. Air Force

All UAA needed coming into the final game against Air Force was a win or a tie, and they would win their third straight Kendall Classic. But Air Force was going to prove to be no easy task for the Seawolves.

A late first period goal scored by the Falcons Cole Gunner gave Air Force a 1-0 lead they would hold onto until the final seconds of the second period.

The second period UAA had 11 shots on goal. With each shot one could feel the crowd ready to explode and celebrate. Excitement built in the Sullivan Arena as the Seawolves missed shot after shot by mere inches.

Finally, at 19:06 of the second period, one of those shots trickled into the net, the goal scored by Seawolf Jordan Kwas. Assisting on the goal was Matt Bailey and Blake Tatchell. The Sullivan Arena crowd finally got to explode. The noise was deafening.

The third period opened with UAA in a tie with the Falcons. It appeared as though the Seawolves would bring home their third straight Kendall Classic Championship.

The Falcons were not going down without a fight. Falcon Jason Fabian scored a third period goal giving Air Force a 2-1 lead. Air Force would hold this for much of the third period.

As the clock on the scoreboard approached the final two minutes of regulation left, Air Force was leading UAA 2-1. Everyone in the Sullivan Arena was trying to figure out how the three-way tie between UAA, UAF and Air Force would be broken to determine the championship.

That answer was provided by Seawolf Jordan Kwas, who scored his second goal of the evening locking UAA into a 2-2 tie with Air Force. A tie or a win by UAA means they are the Kendall Champions. As the game continued to countdown and move closer to overtime UAA was far from done with pointing points on the scoreboard.

The third UAA goal came with 19:56 left on the clock. The goal scored by Seawolf Matt Bailey, assisted by Jordan Kwas, would ensure the Seawolves would not need overtime against the Falcons. UAA would start the season 2-0 and the Kendall Classic Champions.

With four seconds left on the clock and an Air Force empty net, Jordan Kwas picked up the hat trick with a goal as the puck crossed the line with 19:59 left on the clock. Kwas was assisted on the empty net goal by teammate Blake Tatchell his second assist of the night.

When time expired the UAA Seawolves skated over to the student body section and celebrated the 2013 Kendall Hockey Classic Championship and 2-0 start to the 2013-14 season.

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