UAA ranked No. 6 for best online bachelor’s programs

The University of Alaska Anchorage is currently ranked No.6 on OnlineU’s top 10 best colleges for bachelor’s degree rankings.

Image courtesy of OnlineU.

OnlineU is a free guide offered to students to compare all online colleges in the US. They help students reach their educational goal in a responsible manner. These rankings are the first to be based on the median salary and median debt numbers found in the US Department of Education’s college scorecard.

OnlineU determined the rankings by using a system they created called the ROI system. ROI stands for return on investment, in other words, how much you get back for how much you put in. The ROI score reflects how the salary and debt of each school’s programs compared to similar ones. OnlineU uses the median salary and mean debt data from the US Department of Education to calculate the ROI.

The University of Alaska Anchorage has an ROI score of 94.3%, according to OnlineU. Since online education is so prevalent nowadays, OnlineU took this into consideration when reviewing the numbers.

By being ranked No. 6 for the Best Online Bachelor’s programs list, the University of Alaska Anchorage can now be looked at for any future college students when they are looking for how good of a return on investment UAA has.

OnlineU provides a number of tools beyond best online bachelor’s degree rankings. They also offer rankings by degree level and program title, student reviews and supplemental resources with information that pertains to online education.

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