UAA hockey has major comeback against BMU

The hockey team has been on the road for the past few games and has most recently set up camp in Minnesota.

Although this is his first season with UAA, Zach Court has already scored two goals. Credit: Skip Hickey
Although this is his first season with UAA, Zach Court has already scored two goals. Credit: Skip Hickey

This month, the hockey team went up against one of their long time rivals, the Bemidji State University Beavers.

Team captain and senior Cam Amantea is familiar with the competition at BMU.

“Bemidji State is always a really good hockey team and it’s a great atmosphere to play on the road there,” said Amantea. “They have always been known as a hard team to play against and a team that will play fast and outwork their opposition to win games.”

UAA started the game on Dec. 7 with a goal executed by Drake Glover not even three minutes into the game. As a sophomore, this was Glover’s first career goal.

However, BMU closed the lead held by UAA as one of their players, Adam Brady, tied the score 1-1 for the first period.

BMU carried their momentum into the second period as Dillon Eichstadt scored another point making the score 2-1 with just a few minutes left.

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The third period started with two goals for BMU which were executed by Aaron Miller.

Goalkeeper for UAA, Kris Carlson, had 39 saves throughout the game, however, it was not enough to stop the lead held by BMU.

As the game came to an end, Justin Baudry from BMU scored one final goal to end the game with a score of 5-1.

Despite their recent losses, junior Tomi Hiekkavirta knows what the team is capable of.

“I think we have been playing much better than what the results show,” said Hiekkavirta. “It’s always tough to play on the road, it’s no secret. We have played against some of the better teams in the nation in the past weeks. I think the biggest problem in the past away games for us, has been how many penalties we have taken…Moving forward, I think we need to focus on not getting penalties and that will give us very good chances of winning hockey games.”

With that being said, UAA continued to accumulate penalties this past weekend. The seawolves had two penalties within the first period of their second match against BMU.

By the start of the second period BMU was in the lead 1-0 after a point was made by Charlie Combs during the first period.

UAA’s David Trinkberger tied the score at the start of the second period.

Goalkeeper for the match, Brody Claeys, had blocked 18 shots by the end of the second period as the game continued to be tied 1-1.

With no penalties from either team during the second period, both teams made up for it during the third period. Two of BMU’s players, Baudry and Jay Hickman, had back-to-back penalties which were followed by back-to-back penalties from UAA’s Hiekkavirta.

The game was tied by the end of the third period which resulted in the game going into overtime.

A last minute assist from Nils Rygaard to Jeremiah Luedtke gave UAA a remarkable comeback against BMU.

This is the first season that Malcolm Hayes has spent with UAA. Hayes played the last three seasons at the Univeristy of Maine where he noticed little difference between the two schools.

“No matter where you are at the Division I competition is always going to be tough,” said Hayes. “You still have to go out every Friday and Saturday and compete like it’s your last game if you want to come away with a win. The only change I’ve really noticed is there’s more traveling, but all that does is prepare us better mentally right now and for the next level.”