UAA Concert Board: What is to come

Concert Board Upcoming EventsUAA Concert Board is dedicated to making sure they bring up concerts students will enjoy. Having brought up an array of popular artists, including Nick Offerman and Macklemore, Concert Board doesn’t plan to disappoint in the future. According to Concert Board chair Sofia Fouquet, the board tries to bring up bigger and better concerts for students every year.

This semester UAA Concert Board has scheduled four events, the first having been Offerman at Campus Kick-Off. Now to come are Matt and Kim, Maria Bamford and the annual A Cappella Festivella 20, featuring Pentatonix.

Concert Board isn’t set on ending the lineup there.

“If something else comes our way, we are never averse to adding another show in where it’s available,” Fouquet said.

However, the events for spring semester are not yet final.

“Just because of our policy of not getting people’s hopes up, I won’t indulge (sic) any names,” Fouquet said. “But we’re always looking to do bigger and better than we have in years previous.”

Concert Board’s ultimate goal is to cater to student interests. In order to do so, Concert Board members “keep (their) ears to the ground as it were with what students are into,” Fouquet said.

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Fouquet says students should let Concert Board know what groups or artists they would like to see. The board meets 2 p.m. every Friday and is open to students who want to drop by and suggest artists they want to see. Students can post suggestions for show genres and performers at for Concert Board to consider.

If students are looking to be more involved they can work as a volunteer at an event or become one of the five elected members of Concert Board or one of the two appointed members.

“Concert Board is totally open to the public. Just come. We want to hear what students have to say. We always encourage other people to voice their opinions,” Fouquet said.