UAA clubs prepare for homecoming week

The buzz of the beginning of the semester seems to have vanished, and everyone’s feet are starting to drag a little more as they make their walk from the Social Sciences Building to Rasmuson Hall. This is the perfect timing for the start of UAA’s homecoming week. Beginning the last week of September until the beginning of October, there are a variety of events that will be sure to make students feel less weighed down by this semester’s classes.

One of homecoming week’s main attractions is the dance, which is being held this year on Friday, Sept. 30. USUAA, UAA’s student government board, sponsors the dance. The theme this year is “Galaxy Gala” and it will be held from 8 p.m. – 1 a.m. at the Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center in Downtown Anchorage.

“We are keeping with tradition quite a lot this year. The dance will be held at the same place, there will still be shuttles running people to and from the dance, and we will still have the photo booth,” Ashleigh Roe, USUAA senator and the chair of activities for the program said.

KRUA, UAA’s student run radio station, will be the DJ’s this year at the dance, and homecoming royalty will be announced and crowned at the dance as well.

“We like to table a lot, put up posters, get students attention that way. The more visibility we have on campus, the more we can reach out to students,” Roe said.

While the dance is the primary event that goes on during homecoming week at UAA, there are many other activities that will be happening in the week leading up to the dance as well as the week after. This year, UAA and UAF will face off in a homecoming hockey game at the Sullivan Arena on Oct. 8, with a tailgate party happening before the game.

There will also be royalty nominations happening all during the week of Sept. 26, with the crowning of homecoming king and queen happening at the dance.

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The UAA Concert Board also hosts A Capella Festivella, which will be held on Oct. 6 this year. It will be featuring Blue Jupiter and Brigham Young University’s all-female group Noteworthy. Tickets are available now on

Another tradition that makes homecoming week memorable for students is the shopping cart parade. This is an event where clubs, fraternities, sororities and other UAA groups decorate shopping carts and parade them around campus. Traditions such as this one are what make homecoming week at UAA unique.

“We get about 40 or 50 carts from Carrs, give the organizations and departments a week to decorate them, and then march them all the way down from the Student Union to Rasmusen Hall. Then, the top 10 carts get to go parade themselves at the hockey game on the ice,” Cody Buechner, leadership coordinator for Student Clubs and Greek Life said.

“I’m excited to see what events are going on in the next couple weeks,” Morgan Rogers, a current student at UAA said. “It’ll be interesting to see how many people come out to the events, and what kind of participation there will be.”

With the variety of activities that will be going on in the weeks to come, there is sure to be at least one event that will interest everyone on campus. Whether it be the hockey game, the dance or the a capella show, UAA’s clubs have worked hard to make each of them an event worth attending, and you won’t want to miss out.