UA Update: BOR Academic & Student Affairs Committee releases program recommendations

The last recommendations for the expedited program review before the Board of Regents, or BOR, makes their final decisions in June have been released by the BOR Academic & Student Affairs Committee. Based on the recommendations from the deans, provosts, chancellor and the UA System Academic Council, the committee voted to recommend, suspend or reduce academic programs and set aside some programs for further discussion in May. The BOR will announce the final decisions the week of June 5.

“The decisions, if adopted by the full board in June, would reduce our academic program costs by $4 million. To meet our overall budget reduction of $45 million in the 2021 and 2022 fiscal years, there likely will be reductions in additional academic areas, as well as proposed administrative reductions,” UA President Jim Johnsen said in an April 15 email.

The committee’s recommendations for discontinuations are as follows:

Legal Nurse Consultant Paralegal (UC) Discontinuation
Civic Engagement (UC) Discontinuation
Aviation Administration (AAS) Discontinuation
Hospitality Administration (BA) Discontinuation
Welding and Nondestructive Testing (AAS) Discontinuation
Logistics and Supply Chain Operations (AAS) Discontinuation
Logistics and Supply Chain Operations (UC) Discontinuation
Management Information Systems (BBA) Discontinuation
Creative Writing & Literary Arts (MFA) Discontinuation
English (MA) Discontinuation
Early Childhood Special Education (MED) Discontinuation
Environment and Society (BS) Revisit at May meeting
Sociology (BA) Discontinuation
Sociology (BS) Discontinuation
Theatre (BA) Discontinuation


The committee’s recommendations for reduction are as follows:

Languages (BA) Reduction
Journalism and Public Communication (BA) Reduction


These programs were listed as requiring BOR notification only:

Geomatics (AAS) BOR action
Limited Radiography (OEC) BOR action
Office Foundations (OEC) BOR action
Office Support (OEC) BOR action
Logistics and Supply Chain Operations (OEC) BOR action
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For more information and updates on the expedited program review process, visit the Expedited Program Review Status article or the AY20 Expedited Academic Program Review article, which are both on the UAA website. Summaries of the BOR committee and the UA councils meetings can be found on the UA website.