UA Board of Regents briefing

Make students count” was the common theme of the University of Alaska Board of Regents actions during their two-day meeting at the Anchorage campus. Consistent with UA’s mission statements, students and the Alaskan community stand to benefit from unanimous approval of the 2013 budget appropriations. Regents and top UA officials have identified key advantages that will actualize promises to students and the Alaska community at large. Increased appropriations for UA campus’ and Alaska’s business community will add to the curriculum of courses offered and therefore improve the employment rate.

After ten years of strenuous activity and vigorous discussions with state legislators and UA campus administrators, a substantial increase in the 2013 budget allocations have been approved. Facilities, land investments, and student housing maintenance and upgrades are at the forefront of agenda. Additionally, consideration of commercializing intellectual property rights by partnering with the business community for a profit with minimum risk may be pursued to further cover costs and development. Recognition for improvement of instruction-based needs and upgrades to facilities has increased over the years, and now the list of questions regarding the improvement of those issues have answers with substance. The master strategic plans implemented by the full board in 2008 called for construction of new facilities, property maintenance and overall structural improvement.

The Regents in Anchorage on Friday, June 8, 2012, gathered to approved the fiscal 2013 budget. The $925 million spending plan is up 4 percent over the current year’s budget. UA spokeswoman Kate Wattum said, “The $363.7 million operating component includes increased support from the State Legislature for Regents priority programs.”

Measures to be taken include the construction of a new engineering building at the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus, business partnering for profit and investment in local job training programs.  Chancellor Tom Case also reported, “Board of Regents approved accreditation to include doctoral programs such as the UAA/UAF joint Ph.D program in clinical-community psychology.”

Construction management student Gregory Jones added, “The UA Board of Regents is doing a bang-up job for students. The atmosphere of the Anchorage campus is positive and encouraging.”