‘Tumblr,’ what is it?

Guess what site was the winner of the Best Community, Best User Experience and Best Tablet App awards at the 2013 Webby Awards? No, it’s not Facebook or Twitter. It’s Tumblr.

However, many don’t know what Tumblr is.

When asked what Tumblr was, UAA student JR Gustafson said, “Tumblr? A Tumblr? I’ve heard of it. Could be a name of an animal, a dog, a cat? Could be a tool? Could be used for cotton candy? Could be a failure? I don’t know.”

Anita Bradbury, USUAA student government administrative assistant, was also unsure what Tumblr was.  “But I’m old,” she said.

When told what it was, she said, “I will check it out.”

What is Tumblr anyway? Tumblr is a blogging platform founded by David Karp and developed by Marco Arment in 2006.

After founding Tumblr, Karp closed down his starting up business to focus on the project. Karp said he was able to “work on the product (he) love(s).”

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Tumblr launched publicly February 2007. The new blogging platform became popular very quickly. The first two weeks boasted 75,000 users. According to Quantcast Corporation, Tumblr “gets more than 16 billion monthly page views worldwide.”

In 2012, Tumblr began generating revenue through advertising so companies could better promote their products and services on a heavily visited site. Lee Brown, head of sales at Tumblr, stated, “average advertising purchase on Tumblr is now ‘just under six figures.’”

On May 20, Yahoo expressed interest in purchasing Tumblr. It’s hardly a surprise why, with over 16 billion monthly views worldwide. Yahoo closed the deal and purchased Tumblr for a whopping 1.1 billion on June 20.

Yahoo saw a lot of good in Tumblr, considering the price. The reason they did lies in the awards Tumblr won at the 2013 Webby Awards. Tumblr is truly a place where community is strong and the interface is user-friendly.

Undeclared major Audrey Jeoun said, “there’s the fandom side of Tumblr. … I watch so many shows, so it’s nice to see them. There is (sic) so many social justice bloggers too, and you can totally get your news from there. It’s a nice community.”

Art major Autumn Miller said, “The crazy fan stuff is probably my favorite part. I love going on there to check on things.”

Not only does Tumblr offer news and fan-generated content, but as Ben Hoeldt, another undeclared UAA student, says, “It has something for everyone.”

Many think Tumblr is a great community to be a part of and that anyone one is welcome to join. Tumblr has a variety of things for users to enjoy including news, photos, fandoms and much more.