Top five sports rivalries

Fairbanks joins the WCHA starting in 2013 putting both of Alaska’s D1 schools in the same conference. The rivalry is natural.

At the last governor’s cup, USUAA student body president Miles Brooks made an agreement with Fairbanks; if UAA lost we would say that Fairbanks was a better hockey team. UAA lost. UAA students were furious.

This was a follow up the Seawolf feed UAF had, where it’s student feasted on disgusting looking fish while they watched the big game. UAF also dropped Fairbanks from their title, making the Nooks go by The University of Alaska. The reasoning was they were the only competitive Alaska school.

TNL responded in this column by publishing an opinion piece about the University of Alaska Fairbanks. This in state rivalry is relevant in not only hockey but every other sport as well.

With this being said I’ve suddenly been inspired. The top five sports rivalries in the world. Now the UAA, UAF rivalry doesn’t really make the list so here are a few:

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

The two cities are the largest in Spain. This is the place that the most talented players the world goes to play. The home to the top two goal scorers. This place that not only do the fans breath pure hatred for one another but the players sweat it. Mark Twain once said that travel is fatal to prejudice; maybe there opinion could be persuaded if they had more than each other to play.

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Red sox vs. Yankee’s

That east coast rivalry has been going on between the two teams for decades. This rivalry got be practically credited to the media, since both teams will rarely be seen in a head to head match. On the other hand though what initially brought the rivalry on was the day that Babe Ruth was sold to the Yankees. Up until that point the Red Sox were the dominating team in MLB. This was a moment in history Red Sox fans are still recovering from.

Lakers vs. Celtics

The teams have met 33 times in NBA finals since 1959, when the two NBA powerhouses met for the first time.  The rivalry stayed hot through the 80s but lost a little something in the 90’s when Magic Johnson and Larry Bird both retired. In 2008 it was quick to return to the spot light when the two met again in the finals. Celtics came out on top winning the series 4-2.  In 2010 again the teams met, this time with a different result, declaring the Lakers champions.

Michigan vs. Ohio State

 In 1922 when Ohio State opened its doors, Michigan was quick to kill the party crushing Ohio in a 22-0 shut out. From 1969-1973 both teams were ranked in the top five every time they met.  The teams define the meaning of rivalry; from the time these two powerhouses met they have constantly been producing sports upsets. In more recent years the teams have faded off of the map, as Michigan has lost power and Ohio State has been facing various legal allegations. The teams will be back; right now they are rebuilding their programs.

Patriots vs. Jets

On multiple occasions the Patriots and Jets have met in the AFC east conference championships. This is on top of the two games the teams are scheduled to meet in each season.  These days the rivalry is more between Rex Ryan and Bill Bellichick. Even though their tactics are slightly different. Ryan tends to be a little more vocal than Bellichick and it’s similar to the players as well. After several meetings the rivalry is unavoidable.