Tobacco has no place on any campus

I am a longtime Republican conservative and business owner in Illinois, where I also attended and graduated from college. I enjoyed my vacation to Alaska immensely and would love to visit your priceless, beautiful state again. In general, I do agree that UAA, as well as all colleges and universities, should become tobacco-free campus-wide. This tobacco ban should also include electronic cigarettes, as well as chewing tobacco. The tobacco companies are presently buying up manufacturing rights to many of these electronic cigarette devices, and we all know that anything that big tobacco is involved in cannot usually be good. The more studies that are conducted on these devices, the more questionable and unsafe chemicals are found in these so called “harmless vapors” that students in dormitories and the general public congregating indoors are being exposed to. Bottom line: College is an institution where today’s best are being prepared to become tomorrow’s leaders, and tobacco in any form has no place in such a setting.

Bill Kerschner
Rockford Illinois