Three contingency bills submitted, five new clubs approved

Executive Reports

Vice President Report

USUAA Vice President Michael Blanton reported General Support Services is printing the Student Discount Program cards and is expected to have them in students’ hands by next week. Blanton is also pursuing a program to link the Northern Light or the UAA journalism department with the Anchorage Daily News for UAA spotlight space to offer coverage of what UAA is doing in the community.

Presidential Report

University of Alaska is launching a campaign for more student submissions of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with its FAFSA February Frenzy and College Goal Sunday on Feb.13. Hall said many students might not receive the financial aid they are eligible for because they do not complete the FAFSA.

UAA ombudsman Jake Gondek managed 12 student cases during the fall 2004 semester.

UAA is also hosting municipality elections April 5.

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Representative Reports

Club Council

Club Council approved $7,641 for five new clubs. The Palestinian Solidarity Committee was also welcomed as a new club this week.

Committee Reports

Academic Affair Committee

USUAA will host another rotating table Feb. 2 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Student Union. The Spring 2005 Leadership Scholarship deadline has been extended to March 18.

Finance Committee

Senators Kortney Hintsala and Daniel Pace were elected as co-chairs of the finance committee. Sen. Pace reported more than $18,000 of contingency funds are available and almost $18,000 of uncounted fees have been collected for this academic year. Committee budgets for the spring semester are due March 4.

Rules Committee

Rules Committee approved Assembly Resolution 05-01. The resolution was brought to the floor during new business.

New Business

Assembly Bill 05-10 requesting $4,000 in contingency funds for the spring activities planned by the activities committee was brought to the floor and tabled for its second reading next week. An amendment was made to the bill, which originally allocated $7,200. Sen. Mahan informed the senate that an H2Oasis event in April budgeted to cost $2,000 was canceled and a movie event in February originally budgeted at $1,800 will only cost $600.

Assembly Bill 05-11 was also brought to the floor and tabled for its second reading. The bill requested $6,000 for the Last Frontier Leadership Conference April 1 and 2. Co-sponsor sen. Rick Wright said the majority of the money will buy food. Wright said a large portion of the conference’s costs have been donated. The conference does charge $10 for UAA students and $50 for other college students. Wright said Academic Affairs Committee is working to glean speakers from both the Anchorage community and other sources, and some groups are putting in requests to do workshops. Wright said the public relations campaign cost is included in the bill’s $6,000, and 200 or more students are expected to attend the conference. Hall said University Advancement has also offered its assistance for the conference.

Assembly Bill 05-12 requesting $600 from the contingency fund for a collaborative Valentine’s Day dance effort Feb. 12 was tabled after considerable discussion. The bill was drafted by student regent David Parks and sponsored by sen. Daniel Pace.